The reasons behind this blog

In this post I want to reflect on my thoughts regarding the motivation behind this blog.

I’ll cover my background and my current situation(September 2019) more detailed in another article.

There are three main reasons on why I wanted to start this blog.

The tech side – give something back

As we IT folk often use google or other search engines in our daily life to find out what ever is needed to solve an issue or implement a solution a tiny bit better, I stumble often upon different IT blogs or comments on tech forums that are saving me hours of trial and error. One part of this blog is the technical one where I want to introduce and document solutions around cloud computing platforms, foremost Microsoft Azure. An example would be how to setup an gateway network between Azure and an on-prem site or how to get started with IaC from my point of view. I will document these topics with my own words while I am working with and trying to understand these new technologies that I am not familiar with yet, basically how to cloud.

If at some point someone would come across any of my posts and either find something helpful about it or even could use some of it to find a solution to her/his unanswered problem, then this would make my day, since I really want to give something back to the tech community that helped me out so many times before.


My personal transition – A tool to let me document my progress

I am a work in progress myself, since I worked years as an in-house IT consultant from IT support and IT operations to being responsible for the IT infrastructure. However always on-prem and always small businesses. I am calling myself a generalist, a a Swiss army knife if you will.

The more modern IT became, even in our IT operation focused, small in-house department, the more users demanded digital solutions or easy to use and good looking workplace applications, the more I understood that the traditional way of “doing” IT can’t work anymore and companies not willing to make the changes needed will ultimately fall behind in their domain and lose their digital battle against not only competitors but also against their own users.

So after I got the chance to change my job and start working for a modern tech consulting firm focusing on delivery solutions with an “public cloud first” approach, I chose to do the leap, to leave my comfort zone, to learn, grow and ultimately change my career from the generalist I am to an expert in the field of cloud computing.

I want to share what skills I need to learn, how I am going to improve, what I am struggling with and everything around this transition. Since I belive there are currently a lot of IT pros in similar situations and its hard to get started, since the content and the challenge often seems overwhelming.

I hope maybe some of my personal experiences might help someone else out there.


Digital transformation – My thoughts on it

This if partly connected to the second reason, but I want to separate these two, since I am currently having pretty much every day discussions around the topic of “Digital transformation” and I feel like I don’t have a plattform where I can share my own views on it.

I feel like in many companies today there is a belive that IT is responsible for this kind of transformation, which is wrong in so many ways and I want based on my own experiences, professional background and current transition share my thoughts on this. My knowledge around digital transformation processes and approaches will most likely change in the future, while I am learning and get to know new businesses and their take on this topic.

My new employer has the slogan:

We are #digitaltransformakers

and I am very excited to become one of them.

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